2/26/84 - SALTSBURG, PA

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2/26/84 - SALTSBURG, PA

Postby shlustig » Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:48 am

Located on the Conemaugh Line of the Pittsburgh Division; double-track mainline with TCS and Cab Signal rules in effect. Tk. 2 out of service account occupied by stored cars west of CP-SALTS. Conemaugh Line had no wayside automatic signals between CP's.

Train OIPI-6 (3 units & 129 cars) first westbound train was held at SALTS for 3 eastbounds. Rear of the train was on a short tangent between parts of reverse curves. Train stopped at 3:05PM.

Train ENPI-6X (2 units & 71 cars) experienced cab signal failure en route and was authorized to proceed with inoperative cab signals under the applicable rules. The train dispatcher communicated by radio and authorized the train to proceed at Restricted Speed to close up behind the preceding train.

Train TV-12M was passing the rear end of the OIPI as the ENPI-X closely approached and struck the caboose of the OIPI. The caboose and the lead engine rose up and the caboose came down on cars of TV-12M. A tank car of ethylene glycol in the OIPI was punctured and contents ignited.

Fortunately, no fatalities and only 3 injuries. Damage estimate was about $800,000.

Among issues raised in the investigation process were (a) that the Engineer had not been qualified to run on this route, and (b) that the Conductor was actually operating the controls leading into the collision.
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