Whippany Polar Express Trains

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Whippany Polar Express Trains

Postby RAHWAYVALLEYRAILROAD » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:49 am

The Morristown & Erie commenced operation of this year's Whippany Polar Express trains on November 18th. Does anyone know if the trains operate east, first, toward Morristown, before heading back west toward Hanover? Also, do they stop at Troy Hills Road to view Santa? Thank you
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Re: Whippany Polar Express Trains

Postby jhdeasy » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:10 pm

I can not answer that specific question, but I will mention that Morristown is west of Whippany, while Hanover is east of Whippany.

One of their employees told me this year they will have shorter consists than last year, but there will be more trips, so the total number of seats available for sale over the season will be greater than last year.

They have a nice large tent pavilion setup on a newly constructed foundation at Whippany. They have made a substantial investment of resources in these Polar Express trains, so I hope they are successful and profitable.

They have also done it properly (legally), partnering with Rail Events Inc, with a license from Warner Brothers, which owns the intellectual property rights for the Polar Express. I mention this because some shortline railroads operated Polar Express train last year without the license, and then were sued by Warner Brothers.

Some nice looking passenger cars plus a pair of FL-9 locomotives for power.
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