RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

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RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby johnpbarlow » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:02 am

RBM&N is attempting to stay an extension to Lehigh Railway's current lease of NS between Athens, PA and Mehoopany, PA because LWRY has yet to offer RBMN haulage under standard industry terms between Mehoopany interchange point and RBMN's Towanda - Monroeton Shippers' Lifeline RR.

Summary excerpts:

While RBMN and LWRY interchange traffic with one another, they also are competitors for traffic that originates and terminates in the northeastern Pennsylvania / Mehoopany area.
In late 2009, RBMN acquired a 4.7 mile line between Monroeton and Towanda that connects with the Rail Line at Towanda, approximately 41 miles from Mehoopany...
...Currently, RBMN has no way to move traffic directly between its tracks south of Mehoopany, and its line at Towanda. All of the Towanda-Monroeton traffic must be interchanged with LWRY, adding an additional carrier to the route. In 2014, RBMN and NSR entered into a confidential agreement that addressed a number of commercial issues between the parties...As relevant here, NSR agreed that in connection with any renewal of the Original Lease, it would require LWRY to haul cars for RBMN between Mehoopany and Towanda on standard industry terms. It was expected that the haulage might not take effect until the expiration of the Original Lease on December 31, 2018. However, based on the Notice, NSR and LWRY (without notice to RBMN) agreed to renew the Original Lease early. While RBMN has been advised that LWRY has agreed in the Amended Lease to provide haulage for RBMN, the commitment does not start until January 1, 2019, instead of immediately upon the renewal, and NSR has not required, and LWRY has not agreed, to provide the haulage at a standard industry rate. The rate suggested in the form is substantially higher than standard, and in fact is higher than LWRY would likely receive if it were a carrier participating in the move...

Last time I passed through the area a few years back, the TMSL track looked to be unused - is that still the case? What does RBMN have in mind for TMSL traffic - frac sand to transload to trucks?

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Re: RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby johnpbarlow » Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:07 am

STB told RBM&N RR no dice on their filing to stay the extension of the NS lease to Lehigh Railway. STB says RBM&N issue is a contractual issue with NS and not the domain of the STB.

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Re: RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby rwk » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:47 pm

It would be nice if the line past Mehoopany would be sold to RBMN, that would make a nice line for occasional excursions. Also, the NS Lehigh Line from Allentown to Hazelton, what interest does NS have to hold on to it? They sold Humboldt trackage to RBMN who has a line coming up from Haucks. Why not sell RBMN the line to Allentown, too as far as the junction with the yard south of CP Ham? NS could still use it via trackage rights like they do north of Old Penn Haven. That would give RBMN more excursion lines since they won't run passenger trains on track they don't own. And railroads like NS won't accept old friction bearing coaches with open windows. The recent NS steam excursions since 2011 have used mostly streamlined roller bearing coaches with sealed windows. I wonder if they could get the line to Sunbury, too that is currently operated by Shamokin Valley? I heard RBMN wanted to take over the Delaware-Lackawanna lines out of Scranton but then what would happen to the Alcos? Besides, Steamtown already runs excursions on those lines so no need for RN to butt in. They have a Reading T-1, too just like RBMN there are four survivors. The 2100 is getting an overhaul in Ohio, and the 2102 is being restored, as well at Port Clinton.
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Re: RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby lvrr325 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:44 am

There is no traffic on the TMSL other than one industry in Towanda that the Lehigh Railway is switching for RBMN.
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Re: RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby scottychaos » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:36 am

I believe RBMN originally bought the TMSL hoping it would be a small lucrative branch to serve the active fracking industry in the Towanda area..(the fracking industry uses a lot of sand and water.)
but the fracking boom in Bradford county is basically over now..
I dont see a big future need for the former TMSL.

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Re: RBM&N Filing with STB v. Lehigh Railway

Postby GP40MC1118 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:42 am

Does anyone know when Masonite (or its new owners) ended rail service?
Also they got All-Door boxcars, tank cars, but anyone remember if they got
covered hoppers?

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