Your Rail Mileage on MBTA CR

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Your Rail Mileage on MBTA CR

Postby MBTA F40PH-2C 1050 » Mon Dec 06, 2004 7:33 pm

My mileage on the MBTA commuter rail system's (calculations by roundtrip rides)

OK, lets see my calculations, i am 17 and i haven riden the MBTA's system countless times, i am going to try and do my best and see my mileage by line (these are a rough estimate, and remember, in the miles they include roundtrip)

Attleboro/Providence Line (Including Stoughton Branch) ~~~

Attleboro-Providence (11.8 miles) = About 95 miles
Attleboro-Mansfield (7.1 miles) = 14.2 miles
Attleboro-Boston (31.8 miles) = 8904 miles
Stoughton-Boston (19.6 miles) = 117.6 miles

Middleboro Line
Bridgewater-Boston (27.7) = 110.8 miles

Kingston Line
Boston-Kingston (35.14) = 70.28 miles
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Postby CSX Conductor » Tue Dec 07, 2004 11:08 am

I can't even fathom how many miles I have done on Commuter Rail lines, neither while working or commuting to the city over the years. :P
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Postby CRail » Tue Dec 07, 2004 11:43 am

Cant do mileage but can do covered area.

North Service:

Lowell, Fitchburg, Haverhill (including beyond station on a CR train crossing over and receiving form D), Rockport line up to swamscott, BET (yard & inside).

South Service:

Attleborough Line (on acela), Worcester to Ashland (where i live) countless times, Amtrak Yard (in a toaster) including loop, carwash, and yard.

Red Line:
Entire Route (including mattapan)

Orange Line:
Entire Route

Blue Line:
Entire Route

Green Line:
Lechemere & Entire D, E (including 39 bus to arborway), Parts of C & B.

No Ferry (i dont think they count)

Entire: 77/77A, 80, 108, 71, 73, and parts of many other routes that I would never bother to keep track of.
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Postby Ron Newman » Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:56 pm

North service: I've gone to the end of all five lines. Porter Square-North Station is one of my regular commuting routes, and I used to do West Medford-Wilmington every week or two.

South service:

Worcester Line -- only as far west as Grafton
Needham Line - to the end
Franklin Line - only as far south as one of the Norwood stations (I forget which one)
Providence Line - to the end
Stoughton branch - never ridden
Middleborough Line -only rode it once, but it was to the end
Plymouth/Kingston - to both endpoints
Readville shuttle - only between South Station and Uphams Corner
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Postby jwhite07 » Tue Dec 07, 2004 2:19 pm

The only Commuter Rail line I have not ridden (on a train) is the Middleboro Line south of Brockton Station... but I did go all the way to Middleboro once in a hi-rail truck! Rare mileage for me includes yard trackage at both BET and Southampton, the Grand Junction Running Track, Yard 5 at Readville, and the spur from the Framingham Line to Riverside Yard (during the aftermath of the Flood of 1996).

On the transit side, I have ridden every rail line in its entirety, and thanks to past streetcar charters I've seen significant rare mileage on the Green Line such as every endpoint and turnback loop on the system, the Chestnut Hill Avenue connector, and quite a bit of yard trackage.
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T Territories

Postby 130MM » Wed Dec 08, 2004 9:06 pm

Have covered entire Commuter Rail System including the Franklin Br. to Milford, the Franklin Industrial Track, the Stoughton Br. to End of Track south of Brock St., the Dry Loop at Southhampton St. (but not the Wet Loop), the 5 Yard Loop in Readville, most yard tracks in BET/FX area including the Yard 10 lead. But my rarest gem is the old turntable at BET before the hijacked Budd Cars took it out.

My rapid transit list is very spotty, but I have the elevated from North Station to Sullivan Sq. -- not Everett or Forest Hills I am very sad to say.
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Postby njt/mnrrbuff » Thu Dec 09, 2004 9:52 pm

being a rider of every transit, and MN line, I will expand on my commuter trackage beyond the greater NY area. In a few weeks I will take a trip to Boston on the Acela. While in Beantown, I will start riding the MBTA purple lines. I plan to arrive on the Acela that gets me there at 12:26. I hope to knock out two lines on the southside only since I have limited time. My first choices are to do Franklin all the way to Forge Park as well as Needham. Even if that Acela arrives late, I could do Stoughton and still do Needham. The next time my folks go to the Cape, maybe I will spend a few days in Boston, riding all the purple lines that I haven't ridden as well as a trip to Portland on the Downeaster.
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Postby MBTA F40PH-2C 1050 » Thu Dec 09, 2004 10:04 pm

you are taking 2152 into Boston, i always see that train when i get a chance, i hope you are able to reach 150 mph in Attleboro-Mansfield because on bad days, 2152 gets stuck behind a slow moving local MBTA train......but the Dispatcher usually always runs 2152 around the T train have a fun trip
MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
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Postby njt/mnrrbuff » Fri Dec 10, 2004 2:57 pm

I don't mean to get off topic, but are the MBTA ticket windows in the same area as Amtrak's in South Station, I don't remember since the last time I went to Boston by train in 2000.
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Postby Ron Newman » Fri Dec 10, 2004 3:17 pm

The Amtrak and MBTA ticket windows are now separate, but next to each other.
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