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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by bratkinson » Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:26 pm

jhdeasy wrote:According to Amtrak’s online reservation system, trains 50/51 are once again operating as a thru train between Chicago and New York in both directions. However, Amtrak has not yet updated their PDF format timetable for The Cardinal to reflect that situation.
Why am I not surprised the Amtrak website STILL has outdated PDF format timetables? My suspicion is that when 'they' decided to terminate production of printed timetables - which were likely generated from PDFs - they also terminated the employee(s) responsible for creating them! So, if we're lucky, there's MAYBE a part time college kid given the charge of updating the PDF timetables. At least they managed to get the Lakeshore Ltd timetable updated a/o 9/4. So they got part of it right.

It also appears that some of the online reservation possible routings have been pared back in the past year or so as well. Traveling SPG->CHI, all routings to the Capital Ltd via PGH as well as WAS are gone. So is all Cardinal options. Both trains were previously given as options. That also wipes out the 'conjunctive' fare discounts by taking those routings. I always preferred the extra train-time taking #141 to WAS then #29 to CHI. But then, buying dinner ahead of time and taking it with me from WAS is workable, but not desirable. Like I've done already...(included in the fare) breakfast in the diner is considerably better by walking straight through to the lounge car and paying for a 2nd breakfast.

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