Harold Signal Pre-Test schedule errors

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Harold Signal Pre-Test schedule errors

Postby pineywoodsman » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:16 pm

I see that they will be pre-testing the new signal system for HAROLD this weekend along with Nov 4&5 and 11&12th. However I have noticed some errors in the schedules. Service between Huntington & Penn Station will run hourly instead of every 30 minutes, however the Ronkonkoma schedules do not reflect this change at Mineola, and list the regularly scheduled Huntington train with the H at Mineola on the timetables. However this train does not run with the trackwork, and they are not having Ronkonkoma trains stop at Mineola. So they're basically sending trains past one of the busiest stations in Nassau without stopping, leaving Mineola with only hourly service. The Oyster Bay train connects to the same hourly Huntington train at Jamaica. This should be a simple enough adjustment, sort of reverting to the days before Huntington had half hourly service on weekends, the Ronkonkoma train stopped at Mineola.
Look at the schedules here & see the error. If one was looking at the Ronkonkoma timetable, they'd be waiting for a train that would never come. And they pretty much screwed over any intra-island passengers going from Mineola to points east of Hicksville on the Ronkonkoma line. It's a real head scratcher..
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Re: Harold Signal Pre-Test schedule errors

Postby adamj023 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:19 am

Good pickup if true, but let them do the work already. Long term work is more important. Conductors can help resolve the issue. Wasting time to fix the schedules for a project that is delayed isn’t productive. It is only three weekends of work with one weekend of work already finished. If a few customers are inconvenienced they will just make do of the situation and work around it.

The east side access project is very delayed and Harold interlocking is very important. I was pleased to see them doing work to begin with on the signals in this area. I am not sure how much work after November is completed is needed that will also affect the time schedules on LIRR trains.
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Re: Harold Signal Pre-Test schedule errors

Postby SwingMan » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:44 am

You're missing the point. It's one thing to cutback service, but it's another to forget to change connections and other blatant mistakes that will add over an hour of extra travel time for intra-island passengers. It has nothing to do with delaying the work in Harold, the point is that when special revisions are made that they need to make sense. What the OP was showing looks like something that is done like a lazy college paper.
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