A Put anniversary

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A Put anniversary

Postby TCurtin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:05 am

Yesterday, Sept. 29, was the 66th anniversary of the last steam run on the Putnam Division (This living antique was dieselized before either the Harlem or the Hudson because the highway construction in The Bronx was taking away the steam servicing facilities at that end of the line).

My wife and I moved to northern Westchester last year and live a few miles from Yorktown. Since that move I have been able to do more "Put archeology," which isn't very difficult. Walking or biking along the trailway you can find some station platform remnants, an intact telegraph pole here and there and at least one stone milepost (There may be others).
Yorktown Heights is so suburban now that it scarcely resembles the photos of the village when the railroad was there, although the station is beautifully preserved in its original spot.
Walking our recently acquired dog I came across the concrete foundation of the Yorktown turntable which has become, believe it or not, a garden. Nice job, too.

On our frequent trips into GCT on the Hudson Line I make a point of following the ROW from BN down to the location of Sedgwick Ave. station. That's also easy to trace if you know where to look.
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