Last steam engine on Long Island

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Re: Last steam engine on Long Island

Postby Noel Weaver » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:34 pm

Another steam engine that ran on the LIRR after the last regular use of steam was "The General" in the spring of 1964. It ran under its own steam from Oak Point to Fremont with an old L & N coach. The LIRR tied on to the train and when it cleared the interlocking on track one a LIRR yard switcher tied on to the train and I rhink it was towed to the fair grounds.
Regarding B R & W 60 I have a newspaper clipping showing it on a car float at Bay Ridge. Both my car and the engine had promised on the return from Montauk, my car suffered a major problem and I had to leave it at Patchogue for repairs which took a week or so to accomplish and the engine has steaming problems which I believe was attributed to the need to clean the fire which was not not done at Montauk, I think the engine made it but they were pretty late. The day started out good but ended up bad all around.
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Re: Last steam engine on Long Island

Postby RGlueck » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:43 am

Noel, you're absolutely correct. The fire went bad on the way home, and Ziel and Foster were held responsible for the issuing of a Diesel locomotive and crew to bring the train in - exceptionally late. The special was supposed to break-even and show a possible small profit. Media-wise, it garnered some great publicity. Unfortunately, it left the partners with a debt of several thousand dollars. The Sag Harbor & Scuttle Hole Railroad venture never recovered.
Another minor fact regarding the SH & SH railroad was the purchase of the Pennsylvania Railroad heavyweight car "Poplar Heights", which was parked on a siding somewhere on the Island. The inevitable happened, vandals broke in and trashed it, stole everything they could, and might have even set a fire in it - my memory fades - but it was scrapped before ever seeing service again.
Ron owned BEDT #12, now static in some Florida museum, while George owned BEDT #16, no in Riverhead. Neither made it back to service, which was a damn shame.
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