---> 1976-2016: 40 Years Since the Reading's End <---

Discussion Related to the Reading Company 1833-1976 and it's predecessors Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road and then the Philadelphia and Reading Railway.

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---> 1976-2016: 40 Years Since the Reading's End <---

Postby Franklin Gowen » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:08 am

April 1, 1976 was a dark day for employees and enthusiasts alike. On that day, the Reading Company finally ended being an operating railroad. Other classic northeastern railroads became "fallen flags" on that day, but the transformation of the RDG was the loss which saddened me the most out of all of those proud names. It feels more than a little strange to me to realize that this happened forty long years ago.

There are still quite a few people who remember the Reading. Not all of them are members of the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society. Affiliated or not, I hope that all of them will mark this occasion in whatever manner they deem most suitable.
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