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Help is on the way!!

Postby march hare » Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:57 pm

Improved pedestrian access from the Poughkeepsie side is on its way. Work is set to begin in the next few months on an elevator, to be built on the south side of the bridge a few hundred feet in from the shoreline. It will be easy walking distance from the MNCR station and the associated parking garage.

Property is currently owned by Central Hudson (part of a former electirc generating station and gas plant, both long gone) and part of it is still in use as an electric substation and gas distribution and storage facility. A very small parcel (basically the foot proint of the elevator) will be sold to Parks and Rec, the access path is likely to be a right of way/easement rather than an actual sale.

My understanding is that the sale needs to be approved by the Public Service Commission, but this is expected shortly. Slated completion of the elevator is sometime before next summer, but I don't have better details than that.

This should make the bridge a more attractive destination for folks living south of Poughkeepsie, who can now take the train to the bridge more readily.

In the meantime, charging a few bucks for parking at a state (or national) park is hardly unprecedented. For example almost all of the national parks charge for vehicular access at the gate, whether you choose to park in the park or not. To some extent, this is intended to encourage people to leave their cars at home, so less land area is taken up by "un-park-like" things like paved parking lots.

And of course, the parking fees also help offset the fact that our politicians are no longer willing to provide public money for frivolous things like parks. Maintenance money's got to come from somewhere, and as a nation we seem to be allergic to taxes (which BTW are lower in the US than in practically any other civilized country on earth...but I digress)
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