GG-2 information wantd

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GG-2 information wantd

Postby Allen Hazen » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:56 pm

I recall reading SOMEWHERE (I think it was an issue of "Trains" somewhere in the 1970s/1980s/1990s…) an article about what the PRR had in mind for new electric locomotives, deriving apparently from the DD-2 technology demonstrator, for use when electrification was extended west from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh.
One (illustrated with a line drawing) was a 7500 hp "GG-2", for use both east and west of Harrisburgh. Apparently thought had been given also to a 10,000 hp 2-D+D-2 locomotive (I have no idea what the PRR would have called it, given that they didn't have a 4-8-0 class letter to double!) for use only west of Harrisburg.

Question 1: Does anyone remember details of -- or even better, have a copy of -- this article?
Question 2: Does anyone know details about these designs? Like: exactly when was the PRR motive power thinking about them? How close to completed design work did they get?

(Question arising out of the same discussion on the general motive power an rolling stock forum as my question about the FF-2 and whether the PRR made use of regenerative braking with it.)
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