Yard at Safe Harbor Dam

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Yard at Safe Harbor Dam

Postby Highball116 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:06 pm

I was looking at pictures of Safe Harbor and noticed that the small highway truss bridge spanning the creek has rails on the deck, set into the pavement. A little research revealed that at the time of construction, ancillary railroad tracks were laid to bring in supplies, but I could not find any specifics on where the tracks were located. I was wondering if what I see in this late-1930s aerial photo is the footprint of a yard north of the highway truss on the east bank of the creek. The alignment of that building makes me wonder if it was also part of a railroad operation. Is anyone familiar?


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Re: Yard at Safe Harbor Dam

Postby choess » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:25 am

If so, it would have been associated with dam construction. According to the newspaper accounts that have come out recently with the sale of Safe Harbor Village, there was a construction rail line that hauled limestone from the quarries on site, so a small yard there might have been useful at the time. The ironworks at Safe Harbor and the unsuccessful magnetic concentrator at Marticville had a rail spur off the C&PD, but they were gone by the time the dam was built. Per [url href="http://www.jeff-z.com/wks/locoroster/65/65.html"]this web page[/url], the dam was still switching with a saddle tanker up until 1972, hence the derelict connections to the C&PD. I don't know if they dredged the pool for coal fines like they did at Holtwood.
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