Pemberton Branch line info request

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Pemberton Branch line info request

Postby Supaned » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:53 am

Hello all,

please excuse the request for information , but it does seem to be hard to come by. I happened across a photo of a PRR Baldwin S12 with a single P70 cab car (#1046) which was described as working the PRR Pemberton Branch. I've searched online and found a few photographs , but what I can't find is a track plan of Pemberton.

One of the photographs on rrpicturearchives also shows a freight extra powered by a GP9 , so does anybody know of the freight traffic situation at Pemberton and on the branch in general (ie industries served and types of cars) in the 1960s - I think it would possibly make an interesting model railroad as it's an unusual subject.

Many thanks

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Re: Pemberton Branch line info request

Postby choess » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:05 pm

A track plan in the back of John Brickmann's "Pemberton and Hightstown" shows a two-track double-ended yard at Pemberton, with two spurs (the nearer one ending in a coal trestle) coming off the ladder on the west side, and one spur paralleling them and connected further back. A creamery was just past the end of Camden & Burlington County track (PRR) along the Pemberton & Hightstown. Unfortunately, since Pemberton itself was switched by the PRR, he doesn't really discuss industry there.

See this map which is much older (1876) but shows a similar layout, plus a turntable and roundhouse.
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