2/9/59 - ROSAMOND, ILL.

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2/9/59 - ROSAMOND, ILL.

Postby shlustig » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:23 am

Located on the Illinois division between Mattoon and E. St. Louis. Single track mainline with TCS and Train Stop in use. Daylight with dense fog.

NYC EXTRA 7011 WEST Dp. Pana with 11 cars + caboose at 2:25 and about 10 minutes later stopped at Rosamond to do some work.

C&EI had trackage rights from Pana to E. St. Louis, and at about 2:45PM C&EI EXTRA 226 WEST dp. Pana with 12 cars + caboose. The engineer acknowledged the "Approach" signal east of Rosamund but did not reduce speed, maintaining a steady 35mph through the signal block. He misjudged the location of the next signal and had a very short sight distance due to the dense fog. The rear end of the preceding train was about 200' past the signal, insufficient distance to stop after the emergency application of the brakes, and impact speed was about 33 mph.

The following train did not derail but the cab and rear 4 cars of the NYC train did with one of the cars telescoping cab of the road-switcher leading the C&EI train. ll 5 C&EI crewmen were injured.
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