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Postby shlustig » Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:19 am

As a nearly 6' late #15 Ohio State Limited (E-8, E-7 & 12 cars) approached this locale at 80mph at about 11AM, the engineer made a brake application to reduce to 60mph as required to comply with a permanent speed restriction. Immediately thereafter, the engine crew observed an earthmover enter the temporary xg at the I-270 overhead bridge construction site and the engineer made an emergency application. Speed at impact was 70mph.

The 2 units and 8 cars were derailed. The driver of the earthmover (which was loaded with an estimated 36 tons of earth and debris) was killed and 43 crew and passengers were injured.

The ICC Report placed the blame on the NYC flagman assigned to the xg, but he insisted that he was never advised #15 running so late. Had it been OT or less than 2' late it would have passed prior to the start of his work shift.

Agreed procedure at both the adjacent N&W xg and the NYC xg was that construction vehicles could move across the railroads unless the flagmen stopped them even though eastward traffic did not have an unobstructed view of the railroad.
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Re: 12/18/65 - WORTHINGTON, OHIO

Postby NKP1155 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:42 am

The DS used to issue a line-up of trains to whomever needed one as they went about their duties, maybe not on this division?

Since the signals on this line only illuminated when a train entered a block, the flagman should have keeping an eye on the ones N & S of him. Once he saw an indication, he should have been stopping traffic until he knew what was coming.
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