10/17/30 - CLEVELAND, OHIO

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10/17/30 - CLEVELAND, OHIO

Postby shlustig » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:16 pm

87 years ago, the NYC had a major accident in Cleveland on the former Big Four route between Clark Ave. and DK interlockings. The single main track (Tk.4) was signalled for both directions, but the parallel Lead track was not signalled and yard limit rules governed.

Although CUT was in limited operation, there was still plenty of traffic on this route which led to the old Lakefront Union Depot, the mail hall, and the REA facility. Eastbound trains would cut the head-end traffic at Linndale to go to the Lakefront, and there were numerous scheduled shuttles between the Lakefront and both Linndale and the CUT.

This nightime accident occurred because the operator at Clark Ave. accepted the DK operator's request to allow SH-3 with 2 cars to operate westward on the lead track and then OK'd LF-118 with 1 car to operate eastward on the Lead. The trains met head-on on a curve where visibility was obscured by cars on adjacent yard tracks. Involved speeds were estimated to be between 8mph and 30mph. 3 employees died and 4 were injured.

As a result of the wreck, operational controls were tightened with additional specific rules and timetable special instructions governing the use of the tracks and affiriming the authority of the train dispatcher.

The Big Four route is still in service eastward from Clark Ave. through Walworth Run, Cloggville, and DK to serve the Flats Industrial RR. The portion of the route from OX Tower (River Bridge #2) to Big Four Wye on the Lakefront is gone as are the old Lakefront Depot, the mail halls, and the REA hall.
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Re: 10/17/30 - CLEVELAND, OHIO

Postby NKP1155 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:14 pm

Both those moves were shuttles behind passenger power between the Lake Front and Linndale. The westbound had two cars of mail to add to the passenger consist it was picking up at Linndale. The eastbound had a baggage car (likely with end door) of theatrical material headed toward the Lake Front.
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