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Discussion relating to the NH and its subsidiaries (NYW&B, Union Freight Railroad, Connecticut Company, steamship lines, etc.). up until its 1969 inclusion into the Penn Central merger. This forum is also for the discussion of efforts to preserve former New Haven equipment, artifacts and its history. You may also wish to visit for more information.

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Postby Statkowski » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:44 pm

William Abbott wrote:On my VHS and DVD players I can then repeatedly press the pause button to made the film/image advance very slowly. This will enable you to snap a picture with your camera; I suppose someone out there has a way to capture the images created in some other manner.

If you're watching the video on a laptop, hold down the Windows key (bottom left side of the keyboard) while pressing the Print Scrn key (top right). You'll get a screen shot posted to your Pictures file.
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