1/28/55 - STAMFORD, CT

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1/28/55 - STAMFORD, CT

Postby shlustig » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:53 am

At about 8:09 PM, Train #N-45 (4 MU's) arrived from New Canaan on Tk.5 and the 2 east cars were uncoupled and moved eastward to Tk. 7.

The 2 west cars and the crew turned for Train #N-50 which Dp. at about 8:11PM and inadvertently followed the preceding movement into Tk. 7 instead of being routed on Tk. 5. Impact speed was not determined, but 36 injuries were reported (33 passengers and 3 crew). The switch to Tk. 7 was part of the SS-38 Interlocking, and the governing signal could display either "STOP" or "RESTRICTING". The leverman in the Tower did not see the movement of the cut-off cars into Tk. 7 and had not restored the switch for N-50, and the signal went yellow as soon as that movement cleared the circuit.

Subsequent braking tests indicated that the speed of N-50 was well above that allowed by a "RESTRICTING" signal indication.
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