NYW&B Columbus Ave. Station Complex

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NYW&B Columbus Ave. Station Complex

Postby William Abbott » Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:56 pm

Everyone has seen many photos of NYW&B station, but has anyone seen a photo of the NYW&B Columbus Ave. station? Not the platforms, but the actual station building located just to the west of the platforms. Even if you include the platforms you see only one which shows a single SB car at a wooden platform.

Yesterday I looked once more at the movies that Frank Schlegel took, and at about the 7 minute point you’ll see a view from the tail end of a southbound train looking back at the Columbus Ave. platforms. But before this scene ends the train goes far enough to show the actual station at the left of the view. Look quickly, because it switches to another scene. So try to freeze the image, and back up if necessary. My cable box lets we pause and then lets me advance a frame (or whatever) at a time as I press the pause butt (the one with the 2 parallel vertical lines).

If any DOES have a photo of the station you can email it to me directly at “dsppbill@charter.net” if you please.

More about Columbus Ave. station and its complex later.
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