CNE and connections map

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Re: CNE and connections map

Postby DCER1452 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:00 pm

Good afternoon folks!!

New member, always had a slight affinity for the rails, and rail history.

My Great Great-Grandfather was an Engineer around the turn-of-the-century, and my Great-Grandfather started as a fireman, eventually becoming an Engineer roughly from the 1930's-'70's. I believe they were on the [url='']Boston & Albany[/url], and through the [url='']Selkirk Yard[/url].

I grew up in Hopewell Jct., have followed the amazing work that Bernie has done over the years restoring the Hopewell Depot, and always wondered about the history of the local rails.

Actually grew up right around the corner from the old Clove Branch, and that is pretty much what really spurned me to look into the history, and found out all about the locals, the ND&C, CNE, NY&NE, R&C, P&E, P&C, all the name changes etc...

I always felt I was born in the wrong era, and would have LOVED to have been around and seen any/all of this!

Unfortunately I was born well after the Poughkeepsie Bridge Fire, and only ever saw limited rail traffic in and through the Beacon Line in Hopewell growing up before that petered out.

Anywho I digress.... I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I traced out and made a Google Path/Fly file for the [url=',_Dutchess_and_Connecticut_Railroad#Clove_Branch_Railroad']Clove Branch RR[/url], which previously mentioned, was not included.

Before finding out about the OTHER Google Fly files and wonderful work that had been done, I took the historical images from the Dutchess County website from 1936 and the 1940's, overlaid them into Google Earth, and traced out all the old ROW's (which thankfully I found match the ones previously made). I am trying to incorporate as much data as I can possibly find (a lot from here and Bernie's site), such as pictures, Wiki Article links, Hyperlinks to other sites with valuable information, and attach them TO the appropriate Google Fly files.

I hope you all find this useful, and I would be happy to gather as much information/data/whatever I can and incorporate them into this project!
Clove Branch RR.kmz
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Re: CNE and connections map

Postby Kilgore Trout » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:39 pm

Very cool! I did attempt to trace out the Clove Branch but completely lost the trail beyond the Beekman Road grade crossing. Unfortunately, life has occurred in in the intervening 4(!) years, and I've not really had time to pick this up again. I'm going to attach my latest work-in-progress revision - it includes the Clove Branch, and also a bit further south, the mainline and portions of the NYW&B and NYCRR.

Given that most of the depicted trackage disappeared before WWII, much has been reclaimed to nature, or lost under suburban sprawl (especially the NYW&B). I would love to have an annotated map which fleshes out the bits and pieces of information I have been able to discern, as you propose. Like you I was born well after the New Haven ceased to be, and only have so much to go on considering that I'm not even originally from the area and have only been able to do occasional, at best, field research.

My long-term goal is/was to build a web page showing the map with annotations, eliminating the need for Google Earth and allowing for rich information to be displayed. I built a prototype, but ran out of time to complete it.
NH Eastern NY rev5.kmz
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