Mileage posts on the Graham Line

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Mileage posts on the Graham Line

Postby walterconklin » Sun May 08, 2011 5:00 pm

My friend Joe Cooney, who is building the virtual Tristate_Rails route, sent me the following message.

"I'm wondering how the Erie calculated the Mileage from Newburgh Jct. to Graham on the Graham Line. The railroad lists the mileage as cumulative from Jersey City, but the mileage must have just reverted to the Mainline mileage once it rejoined the Mainline at Graham Tower. I know Newburgh JCT is listed as JC45 from the employee handbook and I can set up the mileposts on the virtual route up through Otisville tunnel and down the mountain by my own unique counting system using the Route Editor. I did pretty well with the mainline, but the GL is a new ball game. Any specific mileage #s would be helpful."

Can anyone please help Joe with information about the mileage posts for certain locations along the Graham Line?

Thank you for your time.

Walter Conklin
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Re: Mileage posts on the Graham Line

Postby erie2521 » Sun May 08, 2011 7:48 pm

For what it is worth, the following is taken from a 1959 Employees Timetable:

Miles from Howells Jct. Station
31.3 Newburgh Jct.
28.5 Central Valley
27.7 Highland Mills
21.6 Moodna Viaduct
12.9 East "MQ"
10.7 "MQ" Tower
..... Howells Jct.

Here is another. This in the section on Station Listings and Numbers:

Miles from Newburgh Jct. Station
..... Newburgh Jct
1 Harriman's Switch
3 Central Valley
4 Highland Mills
9 BS Tower
15 Clarks Siding
21 MQ Tower
26 Red Onion Switch
31 Howells Jct.
37 Otisville
Hope this helps. Ted
PS I see that the columns didn't quite line up with the headings.
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Re: Mileage posts on the Graham Line

Postby walterconklin » Mon May 09, 2011 11:24 am

Hello Ted, Thank you for the helpful information you gave me.

My friend is wondering how the Erie computed the mileage difference on the Graham Line (it was longer than Main Line) once the Graham line reached Graham Tower.

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