Where exactly Nyack train station located?

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Postby GeorgeF » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:41 am

Tommy Meehan wrote:
GeorgeF wrote:I was on the last regular train to Sparkhill. While I was wondering how I was going to get back, I heard some other railfans asking to ride back. The conductor agreed and charged regular fare, but with all three trainsets coupled together and running EXPRESS, it was a heckofa ride back to Hoboken! :-D

I realize this message is almost five years old but George if you still occasionally monitor this thread, I believe a few of my fellow members of the R&LHS New York Chapter were on that same last run and also took the deadhead back to Hoboken. Maybe you know them? Jim Guthrie and Henry Deutch.

Great story -- only took me six years to see it! :-) I don't recall Jim Guthrie, but the name Henry Deutch sounds familiar.
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Re: Where exactly Nyack train station located?

Postby granton junction » Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:20 pm

Many were on that last train to Sparkill, the last Friday of Sept 1966. I (John B) was on it, and George F also who gave me a ride back to Closter since I was not going back to Hoboken. Others were Frank Miklos (Rest in Peace) and Jim Guthrie (Rest in Peace). Jim died in December last year (2016). There are now rumblings to make the Northern Br north of Englewood into a trail. The line is cut at the Englewood stn with ties across the rails and a section of rail pulled up there. It is finis for the Northern Br north of Englewood. Today I see little hope for the light rail scheme to Englewood unless there are unforeseen changes in politics and $$$ forthcoming. Anybody else on that last train?
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