1966 Pre-Dereco Special

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1966 Pre-Dereco Special

Postby Cactus Jack » Tue Nov 25, 2014 2:04 pm

Does anyone have any information on a Pre-Dereco business train operated in March 1966 with EL 821 & 819 towing EL, N&W and Wabash business cars ?

I am interested in knowing what lines it traversed on its' way west from Port Jervis. And any images of it west of that location.

Does anyone know if it went from Binghamton to Utica ?

The reason I ask is that I recall about the Spring of 1966 sometime about 5pm - 6pm (a rough guess) I heard a train horn at Earlville, NY (MP U249 on the EL Utica Branch) coming north, blowing for South Earlville Crossing about 6/10 of a mile south. Being outside on a rather mild day while the vegetation was still brown from winter I would normally have run out towards the front yard and watched it pass. This day, for whatever crazy reason, I did not. As the train was blowing for the East Main Street crossing near our house my parents who were out beside the house started yelling for me to come. I ran but missed seeing anything. They said it was a train with "a bunch of old passenger cars". I ran towards the back lot to see if I could glimpse them headed north towards Poolville but was not able to discern anything. That day has always been a mystery.

Upon finding a photo in "Trackside New York City with Robert Malinowski" by Steve Barry (Morning Sun) there are two pictures of the train described in my lead sentence. I am supposing that might likely have been the train. Any thoughts ?
I do not recall any difference in horn sound from an EL 1200 GP-7, which if there was would have alerted me to something special being up as the 1200's were about all we ever saw and heard. It must have been a pretty short train moving along for me to have missed it coming / going also.

What does not make sense is that March 15th was a Tuesday in 1966 and I rather recall it being a Saturday or Sunday .... but maybe not, 1966 was a long time ago and being after 4pm or so my dad would have been home from work anyway.

Or maybe it was not associated with Dereco as it had Southern Pacific and C&O cars on it also. Well anyway, any thoughts or information appreciated.
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