Looking for photos of rebuilt U33c's in China

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Looking for photos of rebuilt U33c's in China

Postby Nonstopmaximum » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:40 am

Recently deicided to look up if there were any surviving GE U33c locomotives which lead me to topics across different forums showing that there was at least one ex SP unit in Mexico which is no doubt long gone since the topic was from 15 years ago, a few rebuilt super 7 ex Conrail units in South America which I highly believe are long gone but don't know for sure as there are plenty of other super 7s rebuilt from other locomotives still in everyday service down there and lastly the most interesting topic I read stated that there were several other ex Conrail units (not super 7) retired and heavily rebuilt in the late 1980s that were shipped to a Chinese mine where they were still in active service as of 2005. These are the ones I'm looking for photos of since I can't seem to find any image at all relating to them on Google. Any other information on these u33c's that I haven't mentioned here would also be gladly appreciated.
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Re: Looking for photos of rebuilt U33c's in China

Postby Allen Hazen » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:35 pm

There was a brief discussion of these units on this forum some years ago: string title did not include "U33C," so happy hunting!
The units in question were ex-EL, and were rebuilt (by some GE "apparatus shop") with 1800 hp Cummins engines. (The Chinese coal mine -- name MAYBE something like An Bai Tao -- that bought them already had off-road dump trucks with similar engines.)
The only photo I recall seeing was in "Extra 2200 South" about the time of the rebuilding. They were rebuilt cabless (remote controlled?), and with radiator compartments more like those on U23/U30 than like as-built U33.
I should still have the copy of "Extra 2200 South". If you are still interested and haven't found anything in a few days, post again and I will try to find it.
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