Great Northern's experimental caboose X310

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Great Northern's experimental caboose X310

Postby Leo_Ames » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:26 pm

What's the story about this 30' caboose with a crescent shaped cupola? I know it was built at Great Northern's McCloud shops in the spring of 1956 and had an axle driven generator, foam seats, and was equipped for radio.

Did she ever enter regular service? Did she keep her unique cupola in regular service? How long did she last in service? Any insight on why she remained a prototype (At least I assume she was never duplicated, otherwise she'd be better known and there would be more information about her online)? And lastly, what was her final disposition?


Edit - Found a modern day picture of her just after posting. Looks like she survives in good condition in League City Texas and is used for storage. Going off some other pictures at that site, she wore her Great Northern colors until sometime between June 1976 and July 1977 when she was painted in Cascade Green and was in service at least into the early 1980's.

So that answers a few of my questions. ... id=1127893
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Re: Great Northern's experimental caboose X310

Postby BR&P » Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:16 am

It would appear the crescent shape is from a rain awning made to conform to the general streamlined shape of the cupola. The car - if it has not been altered - is an interesting mix of the new (the streamlining) and the old (the trucks, and a staff brake rather than a geared Ajax-type). Looks like it's an ad for a self-storage place?
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