BN dinkies.

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BN dinkies.

Postby jadebullet2 » Wed May 06, 2009 2:55 am

Does anyone know of a good site to get information on the BN Dinkies, such as where they ran?
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Re: BN dinkies.

Postby ProRail » Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:11 pm

Just saw your post several months later.

On the web: not much out there specifically dealing with your question.

Literary material: TRAINS had an article on the Dinkies back in August 1988.
Go to the TRAINS or Kalmbach Publishing websites, they were selling it as a back-issue still last I checked. I picked up a copy in 2006.

Both Pentrex and TRAINS sell DVDs that are specifically about the E-9s used by Chicago's METRA in Commuter Service from 1970-1992.

Both show the trains running out of Union Station to Aurora with various stops in between.
I have both, the Pentrex video is a little better as its more trains in action and less talking over the scenes.
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Re: BN dinkies.

Postby Engineer Spike » Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:37 am

i worked the dinkies soon after the BNSF merger. I enjoyed the jobs, and have many memories of the guys that I worked with. I met some interesting people on them too. I mostly worked night runs, except when I could hold the passenger extra board. We had people who commuted downtown to work overnight. Evening workers would ride home with us. I got to know many of them and their stop. Many times one of them would fall asleep. I would try to wake that person. There were no more trains if the stop was missed. One of the regulars was an editor for the Chicago Sun Times. He would ride home after finishing up the next morning's paper. He would give me his copy of it as he got off. We also had people returning from the arts or sporting events.
In my time, the F40s were just a few years old. Many of the engineers missed the E units. The whole operation was a marvel! We boasted about the best on time performance. I remember one bad snow storm. Many of the other lines had no service, or were delayed by hours. We were just a few minutes late. There were signal maintainers everywhere, just in case. The equipment was maintained very well. I used to think how crappy Amtrak was compared to BNSF. Half of Amtrak's cars had square wheels. if one developed on one of our cars, it got switched out and repaired. The crews religiously set their railroad watches every day. I have heard fellow crew members complain if some conductor gave the highball a few seconds late.
The schedule had expresses stopping at various stations. Some would just do Route 59 and Naperville. Others would do Lisle, Belmont, and Downers Grove. Still others would do the closer stations. These were usually "flips", where a job would deadhead out of Chicago to say Congress Park and pick up on the way in. A local would usually follow. The only way to really grasp the whole schedule would be to play Signal Computer Consultant's' train dispatcher simulation 3.5.
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Re: BN dinkies.

Postby Tadman » Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:06 pm

It's still a good route - I used to ride to visit my wife-to-be in Downers before we got a place together in the city. The Downers expresses were fantastic. They made three stops en route and took just as long to arrive in Downers as my Lincoln Park L trains took to get 3 miles north.
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