C&S USRA 2-10-2s

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C&S USRA 2-10-2s

Postby Slobo » Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:37 am

Is anyone familiar with the Colorado & Souther's Class E-5Bs (905-909) as originally delivered by Baldwin. I'm trying to validate the new Proto2000 offering as an "as delivered" configuration.

I know the C&S units ultimately had cross-wise (above the smokebox) feedwater heaters and expanded the coal capacity of their USRA tenders, but was wondering how many years (if any) into their life this was done. Also, does anyone know month and year of delivery from Baldwin?

Finally, was interested in how C&S tender lettering was done in the teens/'20s. the P2K has just the loco road number on the rear and "COLORADO & SOUTHERN" on the sides in white. Was their no capacity lettering or other?
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