Status Of CB&Q Zephyr Sets In Saudi Arabia??

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Status Of CB&Q Zephyr Sets In Saudi Arabia??

Postby Death Star » Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:32 pm

What are the current status of the "Train Of The Gods" Zephyr set and the other Zephyr sets that are currently in Saudi Arabia? What actually got sold to Saudi Arabia?? I know most or the entire "Gods" traain got sold and I heard another complete set and various other Zephyr got sold too. Also, what are the chances of them returing to home rails? I heard there was one attempt to get at leat the "Gods" train back tho the US. THe Saudi government was even ready to donate the train to the IRM. Unfortunalty the person trying to get the train back passed and no more was heard of this. Can anyone confirm this story?
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