Mount Tom Junction

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Mount Tom Junction

Postby jlaliberte » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:39 pm

Hello all, I have some questions about Mount Tom Junction and the Easthampton Branch. Having been just old enough to remember the rails still going across Route 5, sans switch I've always been intrigued about this location. I used to have a 1955 B&M passenger timetable which listed Mt Tom Junction as a stop, If I remember correctly. What passenger service did this station see and to what year? What facilities/configuration existed there? Also, what kind of freight traffic did the branch see in its last days under the B&M? The big vacant Hampton Mills complex has a relatively newish metal addition with docks along an elevated spur, which is the only existing industrial building along the B&M leg of the former Pioneer Valley right of way other than a cement plant (?) that I dont think ever had a siding. A friend who lived next to the line in the late 80s remembers trains going by (all sources I see say it was abandoned in 83), although It might have been the PV storing cars or something.
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Re: Mount Tom Junction

Postby Jedijk88 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:51 am

When Guilford took over the B&M in 1983, they abandoned the Easthampton Branch. Pioneer Valley's parent company Pinsly then bought the line, and when this happened Guilford pulled the switch at Mt. Tom Junction. Some say PV envisioned running coal trains to Mt. Tom Power Plant via this route. The B&M ran parallel to the New Haven Canal line once it crossed Ferry St and continued to the center of town where there was a yard and interchange tracks. The feed mill there was a B&M customer until the 70's. The Pioneer Valley did utilize the B&M Easthampton branch in the early-mid 80's to serve Hampton Papers.
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