B&M's Eastern route after abandonment

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Re: B&M's Eastern route after abandonment

Postby idavis2 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:46 am

I thought I remember seeing in this forum which year, volume, and issue # that article was from? Does anyone know?
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Re: B&M's Eastern route after abandonment

Postby tom18287 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:40 pm

jbvb wrote:The Rigby - Saco and Alfred Road - North Berwick segments were abandoned and torn up in 1945. Biddeford - Saco was kept as an industrial spur and may still have customers.

Kittery - North Berwick was abandoned, torn up and (mostly) re-used for Maine Rt. 236 in 1952.

Hampton - Portsmouth remained in use by the B&M and GTI/PanAm until a couple of years ago; abandonment is in process.

Seabrook - Hampton was torn up in the 1980s. The RoW is owned by NH.

Newburyport - Salisbury was embargoed in 1965. Salisbury - Seabrook was embargoed 1968. There was no further use until both were torn up (with the Amesbury Branch) around 1980. The Newburyport - Salisbury RoW is owned by the MBTA, but most is now a rail-trail.

The Somerville - Newburyport segment is not abandoned, though Ipswich - Newburyport was freght-only from 1976 to the Beverly drawbridge fire (1983?), whereafter it sat unused until passenger service resumed in 1998.

There is presently no freight service north of Salem.

so was the beverly drawbridge in the open position from 83-98? did it need to be rebuilt?
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Re: B&M's Eastern route after abandonment

Postby The EGE » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:34 pm

After Newburyport service was cut back to Ipswich in 1976, passengers service still operated over the bridge to Ipswich and to Rockport. The bridge burned on November 16, 1984; except for a short-lived Beverly-Rockport train, all passengers were bused to Salem until the new bridge opened on December 1, 1985. Through passenger service to Rockport and to Ipswich returned then, but freight service was still curtailed at Salem.
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