C&O H-6 build date?

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C&O H-6 build date?

Postby Allen Hazen » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:26 pm

Lima outshopped Nickel Plate Berkshire 779 in June 1949. This is usually claimed to be the last (conventional) steam locomotive built by one of the Big Three locomotive builders for a (domestic) railroad. (Parenthetical qualifiers because of Baldwin's "Jawn Henry" steam turbine electric and locomotives for India in the 1950s.)
But… Stauffer's "C&O Power" says that the C&O's H-6 class 2-6-6-2 were delivered starting in September 1949. I assume that they were built earlier, and that C&Oasked Baldwin not to deliver them right away. (There were enough coal strikes in 1949 that C&O management probably felt they needed cashmere than new locomotives…) Does anyone know when these locomotives were actually built, and whether my conjecture about their delivery having been delayed is right?
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