History of the Broad Street Line

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Re: History of the Broad Street Line

Postby NortheastTrainMan » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:06 pm


I don't remember looking at my express train's destination sign. However its lights were green, and it was otherwise operating express. I assume it said "Fern Rock/Walnut" but you know those signs never say intermediate stops, only origin & destination. I was en route to a 8AM course, but I wasn't disoriented enough to get on the wrong train :P


Good point! That's a possibility. Because I mentioned on a post in May that a similar thing happened at North Philadelphia. A person was struck at that station, and only local tracks were used.

However here are some differences.

1) When I caught the Northbound local from Spring Garden back to Cecil B Moore, the local stopped at Girard. This was within mere minutes of my Southbound express train skipping Girard.
2) When there are fatalities or crime scenes, all trains either bypass a station or terminate before reaching it. I didn't notice any sort of "clean up crew" or authorities at Girard. When the person was struck at North Philadelphia I remember seeing a number of people with yellow jackets/vests on the platform and northbound express track. My heart goes out to whoever is involved in those incidents.

I just doubt that a fatality or heinous crime occurred at Girard that day.
I may be wrong though, I wasn't thinking of checking out the news that day. I was still annoyed at being late to my 8AM class :( , even though my instructor was otherwise fine with me being late just 1 time.
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Re: History of the Broad Street Line

Postby NortheastTrainMan » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:54 pm

Hey guys,

Kinda tying back to my question about maintenance men in the tunnels, and how well they're protected.

I noticed for the past few weeks, the northbound express track between Susquehanna-Dauphin & North Philadelphia has been having some sort of maintenance take place.
I saw 4 type of signs in the northbound express trackbed.

A: Yellow Sign
S: White Sign
R: White Sign
STOP: Red Sign

Typically after seeing an A, S, or R sign a STOP sign would follow. Then a maintenance man would appear from the darkness, remove the STOP sign, then flash his light up & down. After that the train would sound its horn & proceed. All while the signals displayed clear, similar to this video around the 5 minute mark ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB8Bby_sNGU ).

- What do the A, S & R signs mean respectively? Whenever one pops up in sight the train sounds its horn and slows down.
- Why don't signals show yellow and/or red when maintenance men are in the tunnels?
- I notice that the signals display yellow & red that to prevent speeding, but they tend to display clear when maintenance men are in the tunnel, why is that?
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