BSL / Navy Yard Extension

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BSL / Navy Yard Extension

Postby AlexC » Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:54 pm

Oof: ... l-estimate
Extending the Broad Street Subway to the Navy Yard would cost upwards of $380 million more than originally anticipated when the proposal to extend the city’s north-south transit line down to the growing South Philadelphia business hub was first introduced in 2008.

In a few weeks, SEPTA expects to release details and updated cost estimates in a long-delayed study on the feasibility of the proposed extension. The feasibility study was originally scheduled for release last summer.

The subway extension’s skyrocketing costs and delayed report trace back to the same cause: A mid-study realization that the preferred construction method of digging a deep trench, building the subway tunnel, and then burying it — known as “cut and cover” — was no longer feasible. “Instead, [construction] would have to be tunnels, likely using a boring machine,” said Liz Smith, SEPTA’s director of strategic planning.

What would we be up to now? $700 million?
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Re: BSL / Navy Yard Extension

Postby MACTRAXX » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:25 pm

AC (and Everyone:)

The recent topic about if Philadelphia is selected for the Amazon 2 Headquarters has gotten some
mention about the subject of a BSL extension south from PAT&Tison Station to the Navy Yard and
perhaps further through a new tunnel under the Delaware River to National Park, NJ.

With the cost of the project increasing unless Amazon is willing to invest directly into this for the
convenience and access of their work force it likely will not get built. Local money is tight and the
current federal government does not support local mass transit extensions such as this one.

The price tag - and who will have to pay for this project - will likely end any chances to extend
the Broad Street Line southward from the Stadium Complex. What will probably happen is that
connecting bus service is expanded from PAT&Tison Station and maybe Center City and further.

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