Amtrak ACS-64 664 on SEPTA

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Re: Amtrak ACS-64 664 on SEPTA

Postby NortheastTrainMan » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:41 pm

ExCon90 wrote:Philadelphia Chapter NRHS, in the October issue of its newsletter Cinders, reports that 15 ACS-64s ordered by SEPTA are due to begin delivery in 2018, and are identical to those currently in service on Amtrak, except for one thing:

They will not have restrooms.


*Plays dramatic sound effect* :P

I always assumed that operators used the restroom at stations during breaks, or inside of a passenger car that had a restroom. Seems weird, but I never thought that locomotives themselves had restrooms.
Well I learned something new today :-D
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