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Re: Newtown Branch - Leyland Railbus Test Photo

Postby trhickey » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:12 am

bikentransit wrote:Those studies that claim riders would be stolen from other lines would have been a good thing considering the parking situation at all stations in the area. Moot point since the line is gone and land that could have built parking for newtown riders. It would however have been a better investment than the Key card system, which is a hopeless failure.

Station parking is key to the success of any transit system with aspirations of moving masses of suburban commuters. However, with respect to your assertion that the solution would have been to reactivate the Newtown Line with more parking, that would have incurred the capital cost of new parking plus the capital and ongoing operating costs of a 14th Regional Rail service. Better (then as now) to put more parking at existing West Trenton/Warminster/Doylestown stations without incurring the expense of a new rail service.

As far as the cost and effectiveness of SEPTA's efforts to modernize its antiquated fare collection system, that has nothing to do with the topic of this discussion. And, no, it was demonstrated repeatedly that restoring Newtown Line service would not be a good investment.
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