Plans for my H12-44 #1845

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Re: Plans for my H12-44 #1845

Postby Earle Baldwin » Sun May 16, 2010 8:22 pm

Hi, railroadcarmover.

Any new developments regarding the 1845 to report?

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

Earle Baldwin
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Re: Plans for my H12-44 #1845

Postby railroadcarmover » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:10 pm

Sorry for such a last response but the plan is I will be moving the unit out of the mill within a few months. I will be shipping it to my mechanics shop so we can work on the engine and get her running again.

So it can be moved, I had to have some leaks on the air system fixed. Also had to change out some brake rigging parts. Fixed the parking brake also.

Before I ship it, I am going to bar the engine by hand so I can check the timing between the 2 cranks to see how far off the timing is. ( supposed to be 12 degrees off ) The verticle connecting shaft is twisted so I want to verify that we can detect the fact that the timing is indeed "off" as a result of this.

I am in the process of having the waybill set up. I am also going to plate over the windows for shipping as well as removing the horn. I may also have to change the couplers and draft gear, but I am hoping that is not the case.
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