no HEP in revenue service/toilets

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no HEP in revenue service/toilets

Postby bulk88 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:06 pm

Last week I took a NHL maxibomb from GCT. There was no HEP at the GCT platform. When the train departed there was HEP for 30 seconds, and then it went out, and no power all the way through the Park Ave tunnel. At 125 the train at the platform doors closed for 25 minutes due to "mechanical difficulties" with no HEP. Finally the power came on and the train continued as normal to New Haven.

First, getting on the train, I went to one shoreliner toilet, it was "needs a shovel" clogged, and unflushable because no HEP. Went to the next one, also unflushable with waste building up, but after 125 when power returned liquids drained from the toilet but not solids when flushed.

So I started thinking, why arent the toilets on LV DC bus on atleast the shoreliners? There is no vacuum pump on a shoreliner, just a small (?) water pump and the flap.

On the M7's vacuum toilets, what happens at a 3rd rail gap in the middle of flushing? Do all the valves jump back to their original position or get left open until power returns?

Based on the poop and TP levels on the toilets, that set came into GCT with no HEP. HEP did run for 30 seconds (pulling from platform until the first 3rd rail gap for the P32), but what is the policy for revenue operating with no HEP on MN? Would an entire trip be done with no HEP? Is there a point where a rescue train is arranged or the train is taken out of service midrun due to no HEP?

Once riding in a M8s S-car, it seems to me both shoes were faulty on 1 side of the S car. 30 seconds no HVAC/outlet power, 30 seconds with power, and sometimes the lights did load shedding mode. It was like a no HEP ride.
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Re: no HEP in revenue service/toilets

Postby Steamboat Willie » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:01 pm

If there were HEP problems leaving GCT, the train in most circumstances is inspected by mechanical at Harlem. Depending on the routing in GCT, the HEP will go down. If the issue cannot be resolved at Harlem, the equipment is usually spiked.
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