Wassup With Commuter Rail To Fall River/New Bedford?

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Southcoast On Track Link

Postby GP40MC1118 » Sun Jan 16, 2005 5:58 pm

Here's the link for a NB/FR/Southcoast pro-CR site:

http://www.fallriverchamber.com/southco ... /index.htm

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Postby Cotuit » Tue Jan 18, 2005 12:20 am

pdxstreetcar wrote:Assuming the line gets built to Fall River, is there much of a chance that it could be extended it all the way down to Newport, RI? I have heard rumors of this or is this completely out of the question? I know the bridge off Aquidneck Island is in poor shape to say the least. I would really love to see MBTA trains pulling into Newport as I used to live there.

There is talk about it within RIDOT, but it is only talk until Mass. commits to restoring service to Fall River.

The Aquidneck Bridge is actually available for free to anyone willing to take it.

Postby trainhq » Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:12 am

The three major problems are $$$$, (current estimate is 800 million), track congestion on the NEC and on the Greenbush line and/or Stoughton-Easton NIMBY's. The first means it ain't gonna happen any time soon,
not with Greenbush, Big Dig lawsuits, and other issues. It'll be well over
a billion by the time they build it. The track congestion means that they
can't run it on the NEC or Greenbush without building a new track; I
asked the guy who did a lot of the work on the NEC electrification, and
he said a new NEC track for commuter rail outside the catenary
from Attleboro to Forest Hills would be about a billion. That means it
has to go through Stoughton. However, I am not convinced that it
has to use the route they have chosen, along the old alignment in downtown Easton, where there would be many noise and vibration impacts. I think they could actually route it around Stoughton and Easton near the road that runs through the middle of Canton; that's a pretty rural section, and if done right, could serve the people of Easton and Raynham without creating a lot of impacts. It might cost a little more to grade a
new alignment, but it's a reasonably flat area; I don't think it would
cost that much more. At any rate, I think its doable.
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