Review of a recent MBTA experience

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Re: Review of a recent MBTA experience

Postby jonnhrr » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:28 pm

jscola30 wrote:I got to NYC a few times a year and ride the subway (for fun! imagine that!). While I agree that NYC has a better transit system than Boston's (of course, being the size NYC is, it MUST have one, however, I will say, I recently subscribed to MTA alerts, and the system is well...not as problem free as I once thought), I cannot see how the MTA is more confusing than the MBTA. For one thing, not to put myself on a pedestal, but I consider myself to be pretty transit savy and every once in a while it confuses even me. For example, it took me a while to understand the Downtown in Boston and Downtown in Manhattan refer to two completely different things. So if you don't know that, imagine like, what confusion a sign that says "Uptown via the 7th Ave. Express" could cause. Furthermore, I can't fathom to see how the green line is anymore confusing than trying to get around Manhattan by any of the subways. Again if you've never been, pretty much all of the subway lines at one point share another's track and they are grouped by color; so you have like ACE, 123, 456, BDF, NQR, etc. And of course, while they may share the same track, not all trains will stop at all stations. Some trains are locals, some are express, and some just...I can't explain it...and then variously, probably more so than in Boston, let's say you board an A train (usually an express), let's say there's a problem somewhere, they'll announce it's going local or vice versa. AND AND AND AND, some trains are local in one borrough and express in another or between stops. That's something you just have to know by reading maps. AND AND AND AND AND, some trains can operate over each other's lines that aren't normally grouped (usually when there's work). For example, when I was there once, A trains were operating over the F line between a few stops in Manhattan. Now as far as clarity goes, I will say, moreso than Boston, announcements are made much more clearer, however, I would not say it's universal.

And of course that's if you are riding on a normal weekday daytime, you go there on a weekend or late at night and everything is different due to maintenance, expresses are running local, some lines not running at all, or have different destinations. At least they do a decent job of putting up signage explaining the changes.

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Re: Review of a recent MBTA experience

Postby jscola30 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:39 pm

I still think even then, it would be much harder for someone who has used the system infrequently than for Boston. Of course we only have two options when we have construction, shut it down or bustitute!
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