Closure of Dover-South Station segment of Atlantic Ave El

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Closure of Dover-South Station segment of Atlantic Ave El

Postby Komsomolskaya » Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:12 pm

A discussion has arisen in the comments on this blog post about when the Atlantic Avenue elevated stopped running south of South Station.

- An ad in the Boston Globe on Jan 3, 1919 says it will stop running the next day.
- Wikipedia says it stopped after the Beach Street Wreck in July 1928, and a thread on this forum agrees.
- Original maps still show this segment as late as 1938 (reportedly the back of the map describes Dudley-Atlantic service as rush-hours only, raising the additional question of when off-peak service was cut).

Which of these is correct, and why the inconsistency?
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Re: Closure of Dover-South Station segment of Atlantic Ave E

Postby Gerry6309 » Tue May 15, 2012 5:13 pm

There is no doubt that the night and weekend service was down to just the shuttle in 1919. The loop service from Dudley ran on the outer track only and thus there was no service from South Station to Beach and beyond after the wreck. I will check the 1936 map, which shows the service in place as of that date. Brad Clarke has the answers, but doesn't lurk or post here. I will ask him soon what the exact dates are.

The next stop is Washington. Change for Forest Hills Trains on the Winter St. Platform, and Everett Trains on the Summer St. Platform. This is an Ashmont train, change for Braintree at Columbia.
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Re: Closure of Dover-South Station segment of Atlantic Ave E

Postby dieciduej » Wed May 16, 2012 2:42 am

Here are some dates I have:

November 30, 1908 - Washington St Tunnel opened and a shuttle ran from North Station to Beach St
March 8, 1911 - Above shuttle changed to North Station to South Station
January 4, 1919 - Through service abandoned on the Atlantic Av El (Sullivan to Dudley), although it was run during summer months till 1922
January 15, 1919 - The Great Molasses Flood severed the El at Copps Hill Wharf, shuttle run between Battery St and South Station
March 29, 1919 - Service restored from the flood
June 10, 1922 - Through service restored (Sullivan to Dudley) final summer season
July 22, 1928 - Beach St wreck, 3 killed, service suspended
July 24, 1928 - Service restored
September 30, 1938 - Last train on the Atlantic Av El
October 1, 1938 - Closed for good
March 16, 1942 - Demo begins
June 11, 1942 - Its history

I an sure I have either missed or flubbed some of the dates but I hope it helps.


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Re: Closure of Dover-South Station segment of Atlantic Ave E

Postby 3rdrail » Fri May 18, 2012 2:39 pm

Got this email from Gerry O'Regan:

"Per Bradley H. Clarke:

Service on the Atlantic Av. El varied widely with over 40 service changes between 1901 and 1938. At the end service was operatede between Dudley St. and North Station during rush hours and from South Station to North Station at all other times. This service was shown on the 1936, 1937 and 1938 editions of the familiar pocket map as Route 3."

"from Gerry:

This was subsequent to the infamous Beach St. Wreck. Often, during the Summer Rating, the Dudley Service would extend through the midday hours to better serve the steamboat docks. The Beach St. Station, along that stretch, was closed permanently ca: 1929, probably due to low traffic and a very narrow platform, as opposed to the wreck which took place there."

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