Green Line and Vienna's U6

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Green Line and Vienna's U6

Postby bellstbarn » Sat Jan 01, 2005 10:55 pm

I just came across this article: ... sp?id=6010

It seems that Vienna will buy (from Bombardier, not Breda) more low-floor cars for its low-platform subway. (Other subway routes are high-platform.) If I am correct, most of the line is similarly old as Boston's Tremont Street, but was a steam line electrified as a tram route, hence the low platforms. With electrification, more underground sections were built. Twenty years ago, when I rode a section, the cars had steep steps and it was route G (for Guertel or Belt). It has been extended since and renamed U6, with a mixture of older cars with steps and newer low-floor cars. The new cars will phase out the cars with steps. Of course, what works in another city (e.g., Newark) may not work in Boston, but it may offer an answer to the Breda mess, if the Vienna cars demonstrate good behavior.
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