Huntington Ave. signal priority/preemption

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Postby BC Eagle » Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:06 am

Porter Sq wrote:Even if these improvments were still implied it won't save anytime because this line is bascailly a shuttle for BU students this is the reason the line is so slow if they really smart they should cut the follow stations blanford,pleasant st, and babcock st.BU central and east should have been combined into one station while they were being rebulit.The only St Paul should stay is for the new arena BU is opening if this was not there this station should also be closed.By doing this you will cut times inbound by half of what it is now between packards and kenmore outbound will probably be more like like 75% because all doors open.Traffic light priority would work well on the rest of the B from packards to bc making the B line more rapid than transit. those lazy BU kids can start walking a little further instead of jumping on the trolley to go 1000 ft down the st.I aslo notice light priority doesn't really improve times on the E.that's just my two cents

I agree about the needless stops. One of the stupidest things the T has done within the past two years was rebuilding BU East and BU Central. There's simply no need for both of these stops. Blanford St. should be eliminated, BU East and Central consolidated.
BC Eagle

Postby Pete » Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:06 pm

Unfortunately this is in part due to the fact that the T included all these stops as "key stops" in its ADA implementation plan years ago and apparently is bound to providing accessible stations there, or so it says. I don't know how or why it couldn't amend its plan to consolidate them, but such is the word according to Mulhern.
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