Is Longfellow Bridge movable?

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Is Longfellow Bridge movable?

Postby 7 Train » Sat Nov 06, 2004 5:14 pm

I always wondered if the Longfellow Bridge was a movable drawbridge at any time. I had always implied that it was one because I believed that the 4 small towers it has were bridge tender's houses and of its design. But I noticed it has no traffic lights controlling vehicle traffic or the Red Line and it lacks the steel gird roadway deck found on drawbridges.

Was it ever movable?
7 Train

Postby efin98 » Sat Nov 06, 2004 5:19 pm

No, it has always been a solid bridge. AFAIK the only movable bridge was the Charlestown Bridge the Orange Line used to cross the Charles River.

Postby Ron Newman » Sat Nov 06, 2004 5:39 pm

I believe a previous version of the Mass. Ave. bridge could swing open for boat traffic. But never the Longfellow.

The Cragie Bridge, which carries O'Brien Highway past the Science Museum, was and still is a working drawbridge. As is the railroad bridge behind North Station. The Green Line bridge next to the Cragie was once movable, but not anymore.
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Postby efin98 » Sat Nov 06, 2004 6:29 pm

Geeze, I forgot the Lechmere Viaduct has a drawbridge! It's so short you would miss it if you weren't looking for it...

Any date on when the viaduct drawbridge was decommissioned?

Postby fm535 » Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:16 am

The 4 small towers, or "Salt & Pepper shakers" are for design/aesthetics only. There are matching towers of smaller structure at the foot of the bridge as well. They are hollow, and if I remember correctly, someone managed to get inside, fall and get trapped in there not too long ago, maybe within the last 3 yrs.


Postby OHanrahan » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:41 am

If i remember correctly, the dude who fell in the tower had his fall padded by a couple feet of bird dump.

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