Green Line shutdown (8/21/04)

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Green Line shutdown (8/21/04)

Postby SbooX » Sun Aug 22, 2004 11:43 am

Anyone know what happened last night (Saturday 8/21) at Copley? I got off the orange line at Back Bay at just after 9PM and walked through Copley Sq. Over by the Copley station there were over a dozen Fire and emergency vehicles. I walked up the street, met some friends and we went to get on the Green Line at Arlington, but it was closed and shuttle buses were running! Since we were heading to the Red Line we just walked up to Park St, where I heard an announcement that they were bussing between Boylston and Kenmore.

What happened!??! There were just too many emergency vehicles for this to be a simple medical emergency. The globe has nothing on this and neither does Google News!

Postby 7 Train » Sun Aug 22, 2004 12:36 pm

Bomb threat? This is exactly what happened at Flushing Main Street station on the 7 Train in New York on July 8. Emergency vehicles were everywhere.
7 Train

Postby Robert Paniagua » Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:50 am

See the "Derailment at Northeastern today" thread below.

That was most likely the cause of what you encountered.
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Postby octr202 » Mon Aug 23, 2004 7:04 am

A friend of mine said there was small fire somewhere in the station at Copley (seen on the local news Sat. night). I was having dinner in Back Bay Saturday night, and took the Green Line in there around 8 or so, and went back downtown on the Green Line (from Arlington) about 10:00, and everything was normal. However,a t one point we saw about 7 or 8 pieces of Fire Dept. equipment go flying down St. James Av.
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Postby StevieC48 » Mon Aug 23, 2004 8:40 am

They had an electrical fire. They had to kill the power in the field between Heines convention center and Arlington stations because they were not sure where the smoke was coming from. There was such a build up of smoke in the tunnel that the Boston Fire department asked for additional ambulances for the passengers that they were taking out the emergency hatchs between Copley and Arlington stations. From what my husband tells me those hatches have not been used to take passengers out in about 20 years. Hope this information helps you out. Kathy StevieC48's wife.
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Postby Ron Newman » Mon Aug 23, 2004 10:12 am

Saturday had drenching rains and thunderstorms. Was this fire related to flooding or weather in any way?
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Postby StevieC48 » Mon Aug 23, 2004 6:41 pm

This all started a little after 10pm on Sat. As far as I know the storms that we had on Sat had nothing to do with what happend at Copley station. From what I could gather from the fire department it was a spark from the pantograph ignited the trough that runs over the wire covering the tunnel roof. For percautions the fire department ordered the power killed and all service stoped pending their investigation of the active incident at hand. FYI for all of you fire buffs it was box 33-1561. I hope that this explained it a little clearer for everyone. thanks Stevie's wife :-D
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