MBTA to charge for Bustitution during Green Line closure

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MBTA to charge for Bustitution during Green Line closure

Postby apodino » Sun Apr 11, 2004 11:56 am

I just found out about this, but the T will be charging full fares for the shuttle buses that will be replacing the Green Line between North Station. Apparently the Bustitution will go as far as Government Center, even though the T still plans to run trains as far as North Station.

Historically, the T has never charged for Bustitution to my Knowledge. Notable bustitutions that I can recall include the Blue Line past Orient Heights when all the stations were renovated, and Red Line to Braintree for track rehab.

It is also said that there is concern that the temporary discontinuation of service past North Station might be the same definition of temporary that the T used to describe the A line. And we all know how that went.

Article about T's plans for Green Line viaduct Closing
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Postby queenlnr8 » Sun Apr 11, 2004 4:10 pm

Looks like the MBTA and SEPTA are in cahoots. They said that 'temporary bus shuttle' to a commuter rail line and several trolley lines in Philly almost 20 years ao.

Guess what? Temporary turned in to permenent without informing any citizens.

Postby Charliemta » Sun Apr 11, 2004 6:43 pm

I wonder why, during the Green line closure, that they don't run a bus shuttle from Lechmere to Bunker Hill Community College station on the Orange line. It would probably be a shorter trip than a bus from Lechmere to Government center, because it would avoid the traffic mess at Leverett Circle. I think the Gilmore bridge has a pullout lane on both sides of the bridge where it crosses the Orange line, built originally to serve as bus stops, but which were never used. There was even a pedestrian overpass from the bus stop on the east side of Gilmore Bridge to the Orange line station, which was removed a few years ago. It wouldn't cost that much to put up a temporary pedestrian overpass in the same location to serve passengers disembarking a bus shuttle service from Lechmere to Community College station.

Changing subjects: The closure of the Green line to Lechmere will definitely be a temporary one. The reconstruction of the viaduct next to Martha Way is probably already under contract. The new viaduct and tunnel portal will connect to a tunnel already built that runs under Fleet center and connects to the new North Station Green/Orange line "superstation".
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