East Boston Tunnel & Lower North Shore Streetcars

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East Boston Tunnel & Lower North Shore Streetcars

Postby BostonUrbEx » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:11 am

A thread for discussion of streetcars and trackless trolleys as part of the East Boston, East Boston Tunnel, Chelsea, and Revere section of the system. Plus content related to Everett, Malden, Saugus, and Lynn.

'Foster Palmer's Boston Trolleys: Maverick Square, East Boston, Chelsea' — Trolley lines coming out of the Maverick Portal in East Boston.



'Foster Palmer's Boston Trolleys: Revere, East Boston, Chelsea, Everett' — Streetcars in Revere, East Boston, Chelsea and Everett in the 1950s.



'Streetcars in East Boston' — Original 16mm footage taken in 1949 of streetcars running from Maverick underground station up onto the streets of East Boston and out to Suffolk Downs racetrack.



1892 chart of East Boston and Chelsea streets: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=19401

1892 chart of Everett and Malden streets: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=19420


1908 Track Chart of East Boston: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=19696

1908 Track Chart of Chelsea: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=19695

1908 Track Chart of Everett and Malden: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=19693


1915 Track Chart of East Boston: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=9617

1915 Track Chart of Chelsea: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=9616

1915 Track Chart of Everett and Malden: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=9614


1921 Track Chart of East Boston: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15939

1921 Track Chart of Chelsea: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15938

1921 Track Chart of Everett and Malden: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15936


1936 Track Chart of East Boston: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15900

1936 Track Chart of Chelsea: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15899

1936 Track Chart of Chelsea and Revere: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15913

1936 Track Chart of Everett and Malden: http://www.wardmaps.com/viewasset.php?aid=15897

Enjoy. :-)
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