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Re: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign ...

Postby Yellowspoon » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:14 pm

And I am just as sure that you are wrong. These can not be one-way stairs because they are the only stairs from the red line center platform to the green line westbound. If they were "down" only, there would be no way "up". All three other stairs from the red line center platform go the green line northbound.

As for age, these are fairly new stairs that were installed when the elevator was installed about 8? years ago. They used to face the other way and occupy the space that the elevator now occupies.
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Re: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign ...

Postby diburning » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:42 pm

Patrick Boylan wrote:If the employer really wanted it to be their semi-private entrance, and if it's on the employer's property, why wouldn't they just extend their glass wall around it so the only way to get to it would be from inside the building? As it is now their employees must brave the elements for the few steps from the stairway to the building's door.

If you were the building owner/manager, in the event of an evacuation of the station, would you rather have everyone going up the stairs and into your lobby where they now become a liability, or would you rather want them to evacuate onto the street?
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