South Salem/Salem State is back in the public eye

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South Salem/Salem State is back in the public eye

Postby BostonUrbEx » Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:18 pm

Plans fizzled out with the advent of Salem and Beverly parking garages, but it seems the City of Salem is dusting off South Salem/Salem State Station once again.

Here's a recent preliminary study for alternatives: ... 2_2016.pdf

Things to note:

- The previous studies, from the North Shore Transit Improvements study, called for an island platform (or at least one alternative did), however all are now proposed as side platforms
- There is no longer any consideration for a Blue Line extension as was given minor consideration in the aforementioned study
- Alternatives 1A/1B abut the Jefferson Ave overhead bridge within the Castle Hill interlocking and displace the Castle Hill Yard lead
- Alternatives 2A/2B/2C appear to be the preferred alternative, located at Ocean Ave (as were the plans under the North Shore Transit Improvements study) and where the rail trail along the ROW to Marblehead merges in with the Eastern Route, provides maximized space for park & ride and kiss & ride features, the closest alternative to the Salem State campus, still poses a delay-in-block issue with platforms occupying Castle Hill interlocking and requires rethinking in regards to the signal masts, obliterates the yard lead for Castle Hill Yard
- Alternative 3 is the most expensive option and has a curved platform on the No 2 track, does not remove any active sidings and actually allows for the continued existence of the California Oil customer track despite close proximity
- Alternatives 4A/4B are furthest from Salem State campus but have more population catchment, platforms are partially on level ground and partially in the incline from the tunnel, may pose most significant bike path impact
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Re: South Salem/Salem State is back in the public eye

Postby Adams_Umass_Boston » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:05 pm

If I had to choose one, being familiar with the area, I would choose #2.
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