Main Line Elevated Stations

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Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby The MTA Blue Egg » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:58 pm

I'm looking for info on the structural layout of the stations on the Main Line, specifically Northampton. I'm interested in the girder design of the platform extensions.
I know that the original Northampton used the same girder design that is under the headhouse for the original platform length but I haven't been able to see any of the newer
steel added later. I don't think they used the same original design which mirrored the track supports but with curved bottoms. That seemed to be a little overbuilt to me.
The LOC PDF has lousy repro of the drawings.
I'm guessing the steel may have resembled the rebuilt Dover supports, but I'm not sure.
I'd appreciate any info if anyone has any.
My Pics
Dover Stairs'87
Northampton Entrance '87
Taken by myself back in the day
Dover Stairs Before End 4-87.jpg
Northampton Station 1987.jpg
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Re: Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby Adams_Umass_Boston » Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:41 pm

We have a book at the Library I work for. It has all the details you are looking for. Down to the rivets. This includes line drawing, photos and plans.

Boston Elevated Railway Company Washington Street elevated mainline structure (MBTA Orange Line) : Historical documentation /

Author: Zaitzevsky, Cynthia.

The Library of congress has digitized the book too as you noted. In case anyone else wants to see.
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Re: Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby The MTA Blue Egg » Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:49 am

Thanks for the tip. I have that PDF but the reproduction quality is not great, also doesn't show the areas I'm looking for, nice overall report though.
I guess looking for plans over 100 years old is tough but it's an interesting quest. I've tried to find the structural analysis report done in the 70's for
the Washington St. El but haven't found anything online. I've never seen it but I think it might contain some diagrams.
It's interesting to see the variety of steel work used on the Main Line and the Atlantic Ave segment.
The use of the through lattice girder areas by the stairway and galleries on Atlantic Ave. are not repeated on the Main Line stations though and
it gives them some uniqueness.
To my original topic I'm thinking that the girders used on the new Dover St platforms were probably the style of girder used for platform extension design
on the rest of the El stations (I know that the platforms were lengthened before the new Dover was built but it's the best example I could find)
If anyone has underside structure pics or diagrams it would be appreciated.
Dover Steelwork Over Washington and East Berkeley St 1987.jpg
Over Washington St. 1987
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Re: Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby Gerry6309 » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:03 am

Please remember that the whole Dover Station was rebuilt as part of the lengthening process. A temporary station was built a couple of blocks to the south, and the original station was completely demolished. There were two periods of single track operation as the tracks and stringers were moved to their new locations. It was much more complex than the earlier work at City Square. The issue in the area was that the structure was not wide enough to extend the island platform without major changes. The side platforms were the best alternative. Most material at Dover was new.

Northampton's platform extension only required new stringers hung between the existing bents. I cannot see a reason for a redesign of these stringers.

The next stop is Washington. Change for Forest Hills Trains on the Winter St. Platform, and Everett Trains on the Summer St. Platform. This is an Ashmont train, change for Braintree at Columbia.
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Re: Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby TomNelligan » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:30 am

Mr. Egg, are you familiar with the web site? It has (among a great many other things), block-by-block photos of the Main Line El structure taken by the Historic American Engineering Record project shortly before the el's demolition,_Main_Line_Elevated_Structure_%28HAER%29
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Re: Main Line Elevated Stations

Postby The MTA Blue Egg » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:06 pm

Thanks for the replies. My only question is that the original Northampton Station configuration had girders under the platform that were duplicates of the track
girders, save for the end curve to the bents. I just thought the Elevated would have used something cheaper rather than installing copies of the original design, which seemed overbuilt to my eye.
Pictures I've seen of other stations seem to suggest a lighter framework.
I want to model the station. I might just be spinning my wheels over something that won't be that visible, but I'd like the drawings I'm doing and model to be as accurate as I can.
Thanks for the info.
I have the PDF for the HAER study but the reproduction of the drawings is not great. The LOC used to have another section where you could download individual
TIFFs from the data pages but all I can find now is the PDF. I know the LOC rearrange their site so I'm assuming they got rid of the other section.
BTW Tom, I've liked your work over the years!
Any more info would be greatly appreciated.
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