Main Line Elevated Cars

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Re: Main Line Elevated Cars

Postby StevieC48 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:21 pm

I remember when the blue belles went into service they ran 2 guards for the train, one in the second cab and one on the end cab. It was neat when they ran on Sundays and after rush hours where the practice was 2 car trains in service. It felt very claustrophobic riding in the rear cab. But the T changes its policy and run 4 car trains off peak and Sunday service. This was to help when a train would break down. You could isolate the train into two units and figure the troubled set and then set it up to move to the nearest station and offload and go back to the shop,
Farewell old friend thanks for the memories.
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Re: Main Line Elevated Cars

Postby Gerry6309 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:11 pm

Cab doors on No. 3-10 El cars were all pretty much the same. The short leaf folded against the longer leaf and both folded against the controls when not in use. When in use, the long panel extended out along the longitudinal from the edge of the train door, and the short panel folded to the bulkhead forming a five sided cab.The doors on the No. 1 to 6 cars were shorter, so the length and angle of the short partition panel were different. As noted, this design of cab door was difficult to keep closed, since the latch was under stress.

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Re: Main Line Elevated Cars

Postby The MTA Blue Egg » Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:47 am

Those make-up cabs looked so small. They must have been cold and drafty when the wooden sash and doors on #s 3-6 started to age.
A couple of questions, were the rivet covers on the #3 cars removed from all of the series or just 0210? The photos I have of #3 cars show them with
the covers (as the photo shows of a safety test with #3 cars plowing into crushed stone).
0210 is the only one I see with them removed.
Also were the metal sashes on the #3s removed from all 45 cars or just selectively? The as built photos show what appears to be metal sash.
I'm guessing that these early sashes rusted quite quickly and were replaced with wood like #4-6 which came with wooden sash.

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Re: Main Line Elevated Cars

Postby The MTA Blue Egg » Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:44 pm

I'm still ooking for some exact measures for the #3-6 Main Line Cars.(I have the basics)
The 7 and 8s used the same body framing but different window spacing so those would also be useful.
I'm vauge as to the #9 and 10s, if the width of the doors were the same throughout or were the end and center doors different widths
like the 7s and 8s?
I'm thinking with the outside hung doors they may have allowed them increased the width of the end doors to 3'-9" the same as the center.
The #3 cars lasted until '33 and the last railroad roofed cars (the #6s) until '57 with the delivery of the 01100s and some 9 and 10s
hung on until '62 in service.
I've heard that some of the 0900s that were reconditioned with new doors, new bullseye lighting, were wheeled right from the Everett Shops
after refubishing to the scrap track with the paint still tacky.
So much for the MTA after Ed Dana retired.

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